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Here is Mina's blog. The Olive Tree: {start of something new}: This time of year is filled with new years resolutions; promises to be better, to do something great, to try something new. We make them ...


So I have a few minutes before I rush out the door for work. I never update this thing. I guess I did over Christmas break, but it was just a quick idea I wanted to put out there before I lost it. Mina started blogging so that is probably why I am even updating mine. I'm not promising to update it more often... but it's a thought.


How great though art

The flames in the fire place are now nothing but glowing red embers.
The candles are burning down to a small wax nothing.
But here in the dark as the smoke makes a smell pleasing to the nostrils,
our prayers go up in meaningful songs of exhaltation.
How great though art, how great though art.


"The report is not good... your reflection is a beast."

I'm currently enrolled in what will be my heaviest semester yet. 19.5 credits, plus a job, and all the other responsibilities that come with life. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to this semester very much. Since this is my fifth year I no longer feel like a typical college student. Actually, I'm not sure I ever did. Nonetheless, this semester is all about classes and not college life.
One of my last theology classes is Christianity at Work. A coworker of mine, who attends Central Bible College, says not even his school would stoop so low for a title. Regardless, the course has my attention so far. Our initial text is a book called Character is Destiny by Pepperdine ethics professor Russel Gough.
I am only read through the second chapter, but I have to say so far the book has achieved it's purpose. It calls for self reflection. It probably helps that I have been doing a little of that already, but the book has been a catalyst for me to go deeper. Surprisingly, what I am finding about myself is not surprising.
I lack motivation. I was asking myself what it is I live for and it is not much aside from my normal roles of Fiance, Student, Employee, and Friend. Of course, like any person, I could use some improvement in all of those categories. But what I am most concerned with is my ability to give up on the challenging things.
With goals of getting into better shape, recording and producing more music, and saving for a wedding and married life, that is quickly approaching, most of those things to some extent have been mere ideas. As I read this book I pray the Lord to help me motivate myself and accomplish the tasks ahead of me.
My professor told a story of his college days. A story of when he asked a close female friend what she though of him. The friends answer: The report is not good. When he evaluated himself and saw a lot of talk followed by little action, he realized in his reflection was a beast.


One year anniversary!

Mina and I went kayaking today to celebrate our 1st year together. It was a blast! The day started out rather worrisome due to the fact that the sky was darkened by overcast skies. I was worried it was going to rain. Fortunately for us it didn't rain until we were long gone. It was a great trip and I can't wait for whatever else we decide to do!
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...to never forget

Look at the trees. Oh, how they have grown... unlike the roots in my soul. The seed was planted so long ago... with a little water can you imagine, oh, how much it would have grown.

No fruit, no blossoms and no new seed to throw. Just a dried out seed... no roots have grown. Does new seed have to be thrown, or will a little water make what I have begin to grow.

THROW! THROW! THROW! Up from the ground. Let even the trees creeking be a holy sound. Fruit and blossoms from every branch. GROW! GROW! GROW! Down to the earth. Let the seed fall to bring an oh so holy birth.

My God, my God, what have I done to neglect your word to reject your son. My God, my God, what have I done to reject your son and forget His blood.

Oh God, my prayer is to never forget your son. To never forget his blood.


My sight is through your eyes

I'm always running away from you
when I should be by your
side is where I should reside
but I'm always coming un-
glued to what I think is truth
instead of seeking your
face is red from disbelief
when shown your grace

Why is it I prefer to be blind
instead of seeking your sight
I know your love is more than enough
to carry me through this life
you are my king, my foundation, my God
I will make you my sight
to see through this world and all its lies
and all the ones inside